Homework #13

  1. Given \(E = 10\text{ MPa}\) and \(\nu = 0.5\), Create a graph with three separate curves (lines, in fact) of max principal stress versus max principal strain for three cases: (i) uniaxial tension, (ii) plane strain tension (shear), (iii) and equibiaxial tension.

    Plot the graphs for strains up to \(\epsilon = 0.10\), (that's 10%). Don't worry about finite strain effects, or which definitions of stress and strain to use in this case. Use the following page for definitions of the three cases: specialstraintopics.html.

  2. Plot the max principal engineering stress versus max principal engineering strain, up to \(\epsilon_\text{max} = 0.50\), for uniaxial tension, shear, and equibiaxial tension, for a material having (\( C_{10} = 0.4 \) and \( C_{01} = 0.04 \) ).

    Yes, this question is basically the same as #1 above, but with Mooney-Rivlin terms instead.

That's all.